viernes, 9 de marzo de 2012

RaphaelMarkup - XML syntax for great drawing Javascript API

My new pet project is, let me present it to you:

Some links:

feature examples:

different ways of including raphael XML in HTML documents:

documented raphael XML document definition in XML Schema:


Write and validate your raphael drawings in xml, stylize with CSS like
syntax. Access any raphael paper instances in an XML DOM using jquery.
Use CSS 3 selectors for locating your shapes in the raphael DOM.

long description:

raphaël javascript library has a portable and nice API for drawing
vector graphics with javascript. This project, RaphaelMarkup, try to
bring declarative parts of raphaël API to XML so you can draw with XML
and CSS. Some important things that raphaelmarkup supports:

* RaphaelMarkup define a XML document type for writing raphaël in
XML. A XML Schema document definition is provided so users can
validate their xml drawings.
* It contains a javascript renderer for easily render xml drawings
in your HTML documents.
Provides several ways of including XML drawings in HTML documents,
like embedding code, ajax, XSL stylesheets, etc.
* Creates an XML DOM that can be manipulated programatically with
tools like jquery. and then easily update the drawing with the changes
in the DOM
* CSS like syntax for raphaël shapes attributes. Raphael elements
support id and class attributes, and CSS3 selectors are supported.
Note that this is not CSS, some cascading rules are different and
raphael attributes are not valid CSS.
* Easy scripting for rendered documents.
* Utilities for easy export any raphael paper to XML drawing code.

RaphaelMarkup depends on raphael and jquery libraries. jquery is used
for XML parsing and XML DOM Manipulation.

The project just started, many things still need revision and some
parts of raphaeljs api still need works. Expect improvements soon! I'm
announcing it here for feedback so please if you have any suggestions.
Expect project inprovements soon!

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