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How to start publishing your project in sourceforge

How to start publishing your project in sourceforge

This article is a step/by/step guide to those who want to maintain their development projects in, with svn support for sharing their source code and a project web site.

First of all I suppose you have already created a new project in The important thing to remember is the project's unix name. In the following examples, my user name is cancerbero_sgx and my project unix name is yui4java. As an administrator of your new project, using a linux shell, you can do the following activities:

copy files and directories with rsync:

# rsync -avP -e ssh foo.txt cancerbero_sgx,
# rsync -avP -e ssh /home/sgurin/dir1 cancerbero_sgx,

those will copy (synchronize) the file foo.txt and the directory /home/sgurin/dir1 to project's htdocs directory.

conecting using sftp:

sftp cancerbero_sgx,

Getting a web shell with ssh

with this option you will have access to a remote terminal in and there execute commands, access files ,etc
for connecting I use:

ssh -t cancerbero_sgx, create

Publish your source code using svn

This will create a svn repository from a local source directory. Be carefull when typing commands when creating a new repository! Once this is done, you can svn checkout your own source files. Then you can work with svn (svn update, svn commit) in your own local working copy.

first you need to create a repository. for this you have to:

connect via ssh as explained beore

type the command :
adminrepo --checkout svn
(this will create a clone copy of your repository in /svnroot/yui4java.
* Use adminrepo --help for further information.)

type the following commands (be carefull!)
rm -rf /svnroot/yui4java/*
# (Remove the clone copy of your repo)
create /svnroot/PROJECT
# (Create a new repository)

type the following commands
adminrepo --save svn

that operation can take some seconds... Once it is done, you can use your new svn repository. With the following command we will import a local source code directory into the svn repository:

svn import /home/sgurin/my/local/src/folder

web page

The last thing we will create for our new project is its web page in In our project's main folder, we have the directory htdocs and this is the directory that is exposed to the web. In my example, this diretory is located at /home/groups/y/yu/yui4java/htdocs. This means that a file there, for example, /home/groups/y/yu/yui4java/htdocs/example.html can be navigated from

it is important that all directory accesible from the web (for example, directories with javascript, css, images, etc), to contain a file .htaccess with the following content:

Options +Indexes
that's all. I hope this can be usefull to new sourceforge users.

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