jueves, 6 de octubre de 2011

Tomcat in windows logging

I work daily with tomcat in linux, and I'm used to read all tomcat logs in file logs/catalina.out. The other day, I had to tun tomcat on a windows machine, launching it from comand line, not as a windows service. To my surprise, there was no logs/catalina.out file with my logs, and any of the other files in logs folder contain useful information.

So, how to launch tomcat from windows command line and make it dump the logs to logs/catalina.out file??

This is the answer:

cd c:\tomcat\bin
call catalina run 1> ../logs/catalina.out 2<&1

this will write all tomcat logs to file c:\tomcat\logs\catalina.out

hope this can help people in the same situation.

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