viernes, 20 de julio de 2012

HTML Minimizator

I had to develop my own HTML code minimization application for my own specific needs, and here I would like to share the experience with the public.I called HTML minimizator and it is available online at htmlminimizator online web page.

A little background - while developing javascvript toolkits porting to Java GWT or to Java2Script frameworks I often need to copy javascript documentation to my javadocs classes comments for documenting java methods or classes that correspond to some javascript function or object.

For this I can copy the HTML sources of the javascript toolkit's documentation,
and paste it directly into the javadoc and it will look the same in generated html javadocs. This is really usefull and let me copy directly from the javascript toolkit documentation htmls.

For this, I want the javadoc size to be the minimun as possible and also I need to erase ALL html attributes like ids, hrefs, etc. Also I would like to eliminate any empty elements

That is what this little application HTML Minimizator try to do. It is a small GWT appilcation that let you paste XML valid code fragment, configure a little options and then get the minimified HTML.

I know there are a lot of HTML minimizators on the web, but none of them do an acceptable work for me, most of all because they won't eliminate attributes.

The project is hosted at svn, since it uses my project gwteditors and it is very little for its own project.

For example, for default configuration, an html code like this:

< p>< code>Shape< /code> has the following implementations based on browser capability.< /p>

< ul id="yui_3_5_1_1_1342815626205_173">
    < li>< a href="SVGShape.html">< code>SVGShape< /code>< /a>< /li>
    < li id="yui_3_5_1_1_1342815626205_172">< a id="yui_3_5_1_1_1342815626205_171" href="VMLShape.html">< code>VMLShape< /code>< /a>< /li>
    < li>< a href="CanvasShape.html">< code>CanvasShape< /code>< /a>< /li>
< /ul>
will be minimized to the following html code:
< p>< code>Shape< /code> has the following implementations based on browser capability.< /p>< ul>< li>< a>< 
code>SVGShape< /code>< /a>< /li>< li>< a>< code>VMLShape< /code>< /a>< /li>< li>< a><
 code>CanvasShape< /code>< /a>< /li>< /ul>

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