viernes, 3 de octubre de 2014

Bash script to measure http request times

The other day I created a nice bash script for measuring web site load time. Basically you pass an url you
want to test and the number of times you want to hit it and it returns the total time and promedy.

I use curl to make the http request and it returns me the response time in seconds (like "0.123").

The hard part was to be able to do the maths in bash. First I thought I needed to parse the numbers somehow,
but there is no such thing. I found the command bc and based the script on it to do the math.

Well, here is the code:

# Usage example: 
# sh 40


while [  $i -lt $times ]; do

 # make the request output will be the response time in seconds. 
 output=`curl -w "@curl-format-only-total.txt" -o /dev/null -s $2`

 #multiply by 1000
 ms=`echo "$output * 1000" | bc` 

 sum=`echo "$sum + $ms" | bc`

 #round float to integer
 sum=`printf "%.0f\n" "$sum"` 

 let i=i+1 


mean=`echo "$sum / $times" | bc` 

echo "count: $times, total_time: $sum, mean: $mean"

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