viernes, 2 de enero de 2015

my nodejs tool can't use itself

So I have this nodejs application short-jsdoc for documenting JavaScript code. The strange thing is that If I want to use it in itself, this is, installing it in its own project, nodejs refuses to do so:
cd short-jsdoc
npm install short-jsdoc --save-dev
npm WARN install Refusing to install short-jsdoc as a dependency of itself
At first I was surprised and I still am because nodejs always install dependencies locally inside the project and so this situation could be managed easily, but on the other side, the user from give me crucial tips:
1) Why would I want foo depend on foo since in foo I already have all the code of foo?
2) If you are publishing a npm module then you should expose a main .js file and you can always require that file using require('./') syntax. That will always work. Thanks !

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